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    • Market Update Week Ending November 18th

      Eileen Wylie 24 November 2016

      Here we go. The Santa Claus Parade is the definitive Toronto tradition and if that didn`t signal the start of winter then this week`s little blast of cold air sure did. Despite the temperature drop there is no sign that the real estate market is slipping into hibernation just yet. We know there are many frustrated buyers out there but we would encourage them all to keep looking. If you are contemplating putting your buying intentions on hold you will pay the ultimate price when prices escalate in the Spring...just like they did last year.

    • Market Update Week Ending November 11th

      Eileen Wylie 17 November 2016

      Did you survive Trumpaggedon? Withstand Trumpocolypse? Whatever the side of the fence you stand on, at least on this side of the border, life as we know it hasn’t changed much over the last few weeks. And while we don’t yet know what a Trump presidency is going to look like yet, or how it will affect us here in the north, our hope is that reason and calm markets will prevail. So far so good.

    • Market Update Week Ending October 28th

      Eileen Wylie 03 November 2016

      Inquiring minds want to know if the new mortgage rules are having an impact on housing activity in Toronto. Frankly we are as curious as the next guy but as it stands now we have not seen much change. Overall activity in the 416 continues to be strong as demonstrated by rising prices across every category of shelter. For the first time, affordability in the rental sector is raising concerns as the average price of a one bedroom condo increased by over 7% in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

    • Market Update Week Ending October 21st

      Eileen Wylie 26 October 2016

      This Fall has not been kind to our city. First, the Blue Jays got knocked out of the playoffs, then the Federal Government introduced tighter mortgage regulations. It was nothing more than a one-two punch to the stomach. But hey, we’ve been down this road before and if any place can be resilient in the face of adversity you know it’s Toronto. We just get back up, dust ourselves off and get back to business.

    • Market Update Week Ending September 30th

      Eileen Wylie 06 October 2016

      We aren’t sure what is worse...the break-up of Brangelina or the federal government’s proposed new mortgage rules. Like other government initiatives we Canadians can be pretty forgiving, and it’s likely that after we have adapted to the changes things will return to normal. But the end of Brangelina? Well that’s going to leave a scar. Maybe a Blue Jay playoff run could dull the pain.

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