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    • Market Update Week Ending November 3rd

      Eileen Wylie 13 November 2017

      In the olden days of yore we used to judge the changing of the seasons by stepping outside and observing the natural environment. Cooler evenings and the kaleidoscope of colours would indicate the onset of Fall and a powdering of snow was a sure indicator that winter was upon us. The weather seems a less reliable indicator these days but not to worry the world of marketing and retail sales will keep us focused on the changing seasons. If you haven’t left your house since Halloween you may not have noticed that it is suddenly Christmas everywhere you look.

    • Market Update for the Week Ending October 27th

      Eileen Wylie 09 November 2017

      The Toronto Real Estate Board released the market stats for October and its good news once again! We saw a dramatic increase in sales (7,118) between September and October of almost 12 per cent pointing to stronger fall market conditions. The average selling price for the GTA for October was $780,000 up by 2.3 per cent compared to $762,691 in October 2016. For the City of Toronto the average sale price for October was $818,201 compared to $769,712 in October 2016 up by 6.3 per cent!

    • Market Update Week Ending October 20th

      Eileen Wylie 02 November 2017

      Do you have at least 20 per-cent home equity and need a new mortgage? Are your housing costs more than a third of your gross income? If you answered yes and yes, then you should mark January 1, 2018 on our calendar. That's when our banking regulator's new mortgage stress test officially kicks in. And if you meet the criteria above, you may not qualify for as big a mortgage next year as you do today. Will this create a little mini boom? Two consecutive months of rising sales in August and September confirm that buyers are surfacing again and Sellers in the Toronto area seem more confident with more listings coming to market. Agents are predicting a small flurry of buying as people rush to ink a deal before the new requirements come into effect.

    • Market Update Week Ending October 12th

      Eileen Wylie 20 October 2017

      We’ve recently noticed a trend of Realtors walking around and playing with yo-yo’s. Yes, that well known toy that goes up and down the string, up and down, up and down. Forgive us if our emotions are playing out with our toys because the market is starting to feel a little like a yo-yo. One week the market is taking off and then we take a break for the long weekend.

    • Market Update Week Ending September 30th

      Eileen Wylie 10 October 2017

      Call us unimaginative, but along with being thankful for family, good health and warm fall weather, this year we are going to be thankful for being Realtors®. Again. Sure, it has been and up and down and up kind of year and no we have not moved out of the near bottom ranking of jobs people like to hate, but nobody gets to explore and enjoy the city like we do. As the city learns to live a high-rise lifestyle we Realtors can enjoy some of the city’s most stunning views in the morning and wander amongst the grand homes of Lawrence Park in the afternoon. Condo owners have a bit more to be happy about as overall price growth in that sector continues to outstrip the single home market but recent stats from the Toronto Real Estate Board show all house types up year-over-year in the 416. Happy Thanksgiving!

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