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    • Market Update Week Ending March 24th

      Eileen Wylie 29 March 2017

      With all the talk of pre-emptive offers we decided to take a look at how common this really is and if it benefits the Seller to accept the ‘Pre-emptive’ offer. In our sampling of freehold sales in 5 MLS districts (C01, C03, C10, C11, E01) we noted some interesting trends. Pre-emptive offers are much more common downtown than uptown, with 25% of listings selling before their offer date south of Bloor and a mere 7% selling before their offer date once you go north of Eglinton. The other interesting fact is that the final sale price, as a percentage above the list price, was on average higher on offer night then when a Seller accepted a Pre-emptive offer. So while we remind our children not to be Bullies, we might also want to take the time to let our Seller’s know that the best strategy might be to ignore the ‘Bully’ when it comes their way.

    • Market Update Week Ending March 17th

      Eileen Wylie 29 March 2017

      Excuse us if we seem a little distracted this month but we normally reserve our March Madness for that basketball tournament going on south of the border. Cinderella stories are all the rage when talking college basketball, but here in the Toronto market she can make it to the big event but never seems to catch the prince. Seeing your team get knocked out of the tournament can be maddening but at least you know that if they work hard and persevere they will be back next year. With competition in purchasing as strong as it has been all year, the real estate market is producing more losers than winners. And unlike the basketball teams heading home and thinking of next year, we worry Buyers will begin to take their ball home and call it quits.

    • Market Update Week Ending February 24th

      Eileen Wylie 02 March 2017

      While we always enjoy spending time with our families, after all we are a family company, we never like what happens before the Family Day long weekend. Or really any long weekend in fact. The thing is, Realtors never like to list right before a long weekend which inevitably means listings drop the week before the long weekend and that creates what we like to call the real estate inversion. Before the long weekend there are a lot of sales and hardly any new listings and right after the long weekend there are a lot of new listings but not as many sales.

    • Market Update Week Ending February 17th

      Eileen Wylie 02 March 2017

      We think it is safe to say that the Toronto real estate market is moving into uncharted waters these days. The go to response to the steady increase of prices has been the lack of listings, high demand and low borrowing costs. What has transpired are stories of multiple offers, wild bidding wars and many broken dreams. So, what should we expect as we move forward? Well, if there is any consolation, we are moving into the spring market and the usual increase in listings.

    • Market Update Week Ending January 27th

      Eileen Wylie 02 February 2017

      Before we begin, we just want to say that this insight is going to be HUGE! It’s probably the best one so far. Quiet frankly it will blow all the other ones out of the water. It is literally amazing. Actually, it’s not just amazing...it’s INCREDIBLE. We know that you will be think it is the most brilliant report on Toronto’s real estate market EVER. Quiet frankly it is so astonishing that we thought about keeping it a secret just in case it fell into the wrong hands. Security is very important to us so please make sure that before you pass it around to your friends, they have been properly vetted.

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